Truvada approved by US as HIV prevention drug

Truvada approved by US as HIV prevention drug

Truvada has been given approval by the US health regulators as an approved drug for prevention of the HIV infection. Truvada is to be used by those people who are at high risk of contracting the HIV infection. People who have sex with the HIV infected partners can have this preventive drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on July 16 2012, has issued statement of their approval of Truvada as the drug shown to reduce risk of the HIV infection. This development has been touted as the milestone in medical science and fight against the HIV virus which causes the AIDS. AIDS which is caused by the HIV virus cannot be treated. There is no cure for AIDS but with advancement medicines have been developed which is able to give more days to live to infected person.


FDA approved Truvada which is made by the Gilead Sciences. Truvada drug is basically as preventive measure for those people who are at high risk of acquiring the HIV virus through sexual activity. This is drug specially for those people who have HIV infected partner. Around 1.2 million Americans have the HIV infection, and 50,000 new infections are added at steady rate per year from past fifteen years. Most of the cases develop into AIDS unless they get treatment of the antiviral drugs.

Gilead Sciences have marketed the Truvada drug as treatment for HIV infected people. Since 2004 company marketed the Truvada drug but in 2010 studies showed different result of the drug. In studies the drug showed that it can prevent HIV infection from contracting other person. Study showed that in heterosexual couples around 75% of reduced infection in which the one partner was already infected.

The daily dose of one pill has to be taken. TRuvada has shown results in prevention but it is not hundred percent preventive measures. Therefore FDA has issued statement where it says that drug can be used as comprehensive HIV prevention where a person should also use condom and have regular HIV testing.

Truvada is a milestone in medical science. It should be used as preventive measure and people should not think it as the foolproof against the deadly virus. Best advised is not to take risk.

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  1. Sara says:


    I guess the FDA believes that this will be sold by the truckloads for now people trying to continue their sexually “hyper-active” lives, with no fear of HIV or worse yet… AIDS!
    Would you do an article on drug herpes cure solutions the FDA would like to approve also. I’m sure the HSV-2 sufferers would like to have a drug for that too.
    Sara recently posted..Mosquito Bites Home RemediesMy Profile

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