Weight loss: the Don’ts

Weight loss: the Don’ts

Weight loss is dream of many achieved by some and maintained by few. Weight loss is irony, difficult a well as easy to achieve. We all actually know what is to be done for weight loss. We read books, blogs and many articles and even consult dieticians for losing weight. Yet it is a difficult task for many. First thing weight loss is continuous process. Second whatever method of weight loss you follow you need to be sincere. And now read on to know some tips on weight loss things which you should not be doing:

Don’t miss breakfast

The Weight loss don’ts:

Don’t just rely on changing food intake

Well just eating less, or only diet food is not enough. You must do exercise. Exercises are very much essential. For weight loss it is combination of both eating right food that is altered eating habits ad exercise. Just exercise again will not be effective in weight loss.

No Fad diet:

Fad dieting will not give great weight loss. Rather you will way head to junk food. See fad diets are unbalanced diet which makes your body crave for food. Thus you are likely to eat more junk food cause of this. You need is realistic and definitely a sensible approach in losing weight.

Don’t miss breakfast:

Breakfast is period the most important meal of the day that you must not miss. You are not cutting out on food, but increasing chances of you eating mid-morning snacks, which may not be healthy. Plus your body goes in form of saving when you don’t have breakfast that is you don’t tend to lose weight then. It rather saves food in form of fats. It affects the metabolism rate of body. Thus you must eat a good quantity of breakfast and lighter meals.

Don’t completely cut out the carbs

Well you need carbs for your body, it is vital for keeping your body the constant need of energy source. You must therefore eat foods which have carbs. Else your body will feel lethargic and you will become tired plus your body will go into storage mode. Again this increases fats in body. So eat enough carbs to keep your body running and working. Eating carbs in breakfast is good idea as it generates enough carbs to keep your body running for day.

Obsession is not right

Don’t be on permanently on diet. Life is to live and eating food is also form of living. You should not go out of meal or make yourself deprived. You can eat meals like junk food, or food high on calories and fats. But next day you can cut back. That is how you can maintain your diet and keep a check on weight.

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