Weight Loss: the Do’s

Weight Loss: the Do’s

Weight loss is one topic which catches eye of all. After all everybody likes to look slim, in shape and have perfect body figure. Some people are blessed with all of this but most of us, including me have to struggle to achieve and maintain the perfect body figure. There are so many methods of exercise and diets are available that we do get confused as to what should we do?

Here are few weigh loss do’s which you can do. These do’s are bound to help you lose weight as well as maintain your healthy weight. Some tips to help you road to fitness and health:

Weight Loss

Eat Regularly:

Obviously you have to eat. Humans cannot live on air and water only. You have to eat. but eating right and on right time is very important. It is important to have breakfast and light meals in between along with light food in dinner. In between meals eat food which are good like have fruits, low fat dips, vegetables, have sandwich minus the high fat butter, low fat yogurt etc.


Walk and climb stairs. These two are the best methods for solving all weigh issues without the need for you to hit gym or excessive dieting. A walk of twenty minutes in morning and short walks during evening and in night is superb. You should climb stairs. This makes your muscles stronger as well as gives you strength and stamina. Exercise while on desk is also another effective method to lose weight.

Shop as per your list:

Make a list of shopping of the essential items you need. In which you can minus drinks which have added sugar, aerated drinks and food which are high on calories etc. avoid foods which have high fat and sugar content. Don’t cook such food at home and you will avoid additional fats and carbs at home. Pick out foods which are healthy.

Read labels well:

Don’t get con by the marketing gimmicks. Understand low fats don’t mean low calorie as well. Some of the food manufacturers do low the fat in dessert or items but increase the content of sugar. So its better to read the labels well and know what food you are eating. Know the fat content and sugar content.

Watch your portion size:

Heavy breakfast, normal lunch and light dinner is advised. Have soups, fruits and salads during the in between meals. Don’t over eat and you must avoid food with fatty and sugar foods.

Set goals you can achieve:

Don’t make your body crave that is harmful. Set yourself goals which you can achieve. No excessive dieting or exercising. It’s advised that you get support like hang out with people who like you want to eat diet food or want to exercise.

No emotional eating of food. Don’t use food to relieve your stress.

Keep a check on your physical activities:

If you have been lazy and laying on bed it is better to have foods which are small, light in fats and calories. Don’t get munching while watching television or while watching movies. Make sure you have done exercise or at least taken a walk and have climbed stairs.

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