What is Dental Surgery? Bring Perfect Smile To Your Face

What is Dental Surgery? Bring Perfect Smile To Your Face

If you have any tooth related problem then first understand what is dental surgery. It will help you with the procedures and their effective output. Dental surgery is a term in which all types of surgeries and medical procedures are performed to bring the jaw bones or teeth in exact shape. A number of procedures are available to perform including tooth removal and teeth alignment. Basically, teeth alignment is a part of cosmetic dental surgery.

Different types of dental surgeries are available that includes cosmetic dental surgery, aesthetic dental surgery, and teeth bleaching or teeth whitening. Teeth whitening are done by many people to keep their teeth white and shiny. Most often you might have witnessed yellowish teeth or cavity on teeth that can be removed by bringing complete clean and white teeth. It is done through bleaching or whitening through simple procedures performed by the dentists.

These days, aesthetic dental surgery has received another treatment, ultra-thin and custom made porcelain veneers that facilitate you by covering the visible gaps between your teeth. Veneers also help you masking the discolored teeth or yellowish teeth to a certain extent. All these treatments become easier to perform when you are already aware of what is dental surgery.

Sometimes, enamel-like composite materials are used as coating to the teeth that improve appearance, make them tough in nature while reducing the discoloring of teeth. Multiple new technologies and treatments are adapted across the world, especially India that gives low cost, effective treatment to the patients.

However, a dental surgery has to be well equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities or equipment along with practitioners, professionals, support staff, and surgeons. Many dental care centers are available throughout the country to provide all types of dental care treatments.

Types of dental surgery

Endodontic  Prosthodontics  Orthodontic

  • Endodontic – It is a type of surgery that includes pulp or root of the tooth. It comprises of root canal and apicoectomy or a root-end resection.
  • Prosthodontics – It is dental prosthetics that includes crowns or artificial caps, veneers or artificial coverings, bridges or two or more crowns connected together, implants (titanium implant placed in the bone followed by an artificial tooth), and dentures which is called as false teeth.
  • Orthodontic – It is a type of treatment that includes implants, apiectomy extraction (removal of problematic tooth including diseased and reduntant), and fiberotomy (a procedure to remove fibers that occur around a tooth).

Also periodontics is a type of treatment which is done for the dental care. If you want to undergo cosmetic dental treatment for facial expression or better smile on your face, then you can first find the quotation and a better clinic where very experienced dentist could give you your desired result.

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