World AIDS Day 2012

World AIDS Day 2012

Every 1st December is marked as Worlds AIDS Day which is dedicated to raise awareness of AIDS and HIV infection. In year 1995 the President of United States made proclamation of World AIDS Day. Governments of many nations followed the suit.

AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. To explain in simple manner, basically when a person gets infected with the virus it kills the immunity and resistance power to fight various diseases. A disease like common cold also can become fatal for a person who is infected with HIV. Pneumonia is leading disease which causes death of person who has been infected with AIDS.

AIDS free eneration

People these days are generally aware about the AIDS as how it spreads treatments available and the preventions which people can take. Yet every year people are getting affected with AIDS, more and more people are becoming HIV positive. And worst cases are of those babies who get infected with HIV from their mothers while in womb or while nursing.

It is high time people realize that knowing how AIDS spread, and its prevention is not going to help society from the pandemic. Knowledge will not lead to prevention but it is important to take actions. Actions such as giving out free antiretroviral drugs for people who cannot afford it. It is important where there are brothels, preventions such as condoms are easily available. Moreover people who are involved in brothels must be made aware of prevention of AIDS. It is government duty to keep a check on such places along with regular blood check up for HIV positive people.

There is general presumption that AIDS is for lower society people or people who live in low economic neighborhood. This is false. People who are living in high economic zone too are prone to AIDS. For prevention of AIDS you need to be sure that your partner is not HIV positive and first of all you need to get yourself checked too.

Request to all women who are planning their pregnancy please get the HIV test done for baby who is very innocent and has not done a thing to suffer from this fatal disease. A simple blood test will help healthcare providers in preventing the AIDS spread to baby.

Observing World AIDS Day we must pledge that we will stop the spread of AIDS. A red ribbon on your chest will show that you are concerned, but sharing out the right knowledge to people who are affected is important for further prevention of AIDS to anybody.

Also being compassionate and showing an understanding towards people who are infected in very important. This is imminent because people who are HIV positive need to come out in open in order to take treatment. This is important for people who are HIV positive so that they can be open about it when they are having relationships. When people are HIV positive they stigmatized because of which HIV positive people hide it.

Everybody reading this post knows about what has been written in this post? But how many of you people have really taken any efforts or steps for prevention of AIDS? Just because you are healthy and practice healthy sex doesn’t mean that someone who is dear and near to you is not in danger. It is time to take some steps at individual level too; it will culminate to better prevention of AIDS in whole world.

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