Yoga to Remain Healthy and Fit

Yoga to Remain Healthy and Fit

Today’s life is filled more with stress, easily available unhealthy food, alcohol abuse, and smoking and so many diseases that Merck Manual needs to publish volumes every other year. The emphasis is not to criticize the life we are living; well we have big contributions in that. But the emphasis is on how can we make it better living that is be healthy and fit.

To keep yourself healthy and fit, make our life better. Yoga benefits by integrating our mind and the body. Benefits of yoga are immense such that Yoga training centers and special holiday destinations have opened to give people the power of yoga to make them healthy and fit. Yoga and benefits are first able to make our body prepare for stress. Stress is problem of all. Yoga has power to reduce stress’ effects that is able to lower cortisol level. Cortisol is hormone secreted by our body which increases stress. Yoga is able to relax body and low the cortisol level in blood. Moreover yoga benefits such that aches and body pain do eases.

Hot Yoga Benefits

With the Pranayam that is breathing exercise, most powerful exercise of yoga. You take deep and slower breaths. This increases lung function and also relaxes the body and mind. Many disease symptoms get improved or disappear. Yoga benefits include people suffering blood pressure problems, arthritis etc. Yoga improves blood circulation. Increases body’s endurance and strength and lower heart rate, yoga is powerful.

Bikram Yoga benefits in building energy level, flexibility and improving body’s stamina. Bikram Yoga is regimen of twenty six different poses that works on entire body. Bikram Yoga uses gravity, tourniquet technique, stretching etc. this form of yoga is also known as the Hot Yoga, as it has to be performed in warm room. Hot Yoga Benefits also include strengthening the immune system of body, balance endocrine glands, and expand lungs, endurance in bones and heart.

Yoga is now widely used by people for weight management. Benefits of yoga for weight loss are due to fact that it helps in burning fat, strengthening muscles and tone your body. Jessica Biel, Naomi Watts and many such celebrities are known to practice yoga. Yoga benefits to women are immense. Yoga helps during and after pregnancy to remain fit and healthy. There are many special poses and aasaanas which help in women to become healthy and fit.

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