3 Training Methods To Help You Lose Weight

3 Training Methods To Help You Lose Weight

By now, you will have no doubt booked your summer holiday and already be counting down the days to your summer break. Whether you’re heading to catch some summer sun, planning an adventure holiday or simply just getting away from it all, one thing that you may consider is losing a few extra pounds.

Everyone wants to look good on holiday, but shedding that extra weight can always prove tricky. But losing weight is much more than running mile after mile on the treadmill, in fact in some cases a treadmill isn’t even needed.

There are a few things you should remember however. One of the first and most important aspects of any workout is that is effective and efficient. By acquiring the services of a fully qualified fitness instructor, they will be able to help devise a workout that is tailored to you.

From diet to exercises, they will be able to help guide you to achieving that summer body. You never know, you may discover an interest for a new career change. As one of the biggest growing industries around, becoming a qualified fitness instructor is simpler than you may think.

By acquiring the services of a reputable online fitness course supplier, you can gain the skills and qualifications to take on your new career.

But what exercises can you incorporate to your workout to help shift those extra pounds?


Cardio will become your new best friend as you look to lose weight. Not only will regular cardiovascular training help you to shed those pounds, it will also help improve and increase your overall fitness allowing you to take on any challenge. Cardio or Aerobic training as it is known refers to exercises such as running, rowing, cycling etc.

What many people think is that by running for an hour, or looking to burn 500 calories, this is the best way to train. Aerobic training is all about intensity over a long period of time. It’s important to work at an intensity level that will strain you. Also mix up the types of cardio you do. One session run, the next cycle, the next row etc. This will help you keep focus, work different areas as well as maintain your interest.


Working you core will help tighten up your waistline as well as strengthen your spine. Core training, in order to maximize the effectiveness and results you see, must allow you to comfortably contract the core muscle groups in order to strengthen and tone.

Look to exercises that require twisting motions, high levels of contraction and controlled form. It’s important to retain tension and contraction to strengthen the muscles. Some exercises you could include are sit-ups, planks, gym ball rolls and leg curls.


Commonly known as weight training, you may picture resistance training as lifting weights and spotting one another. In actual fact, in terms of losing weight, lifting free weights helps the body produce hormonal changes within the body that play a part in helping to lose weight.

The key to resistance training is that you work the muscles to the pint of fatigue before 15 reps. It’s important to work with weights that will generate fatigue, without affecting your form. Try squats, lunges and free weight exercises to help strengthen your muscles as well as working muscle groups.

Losing weight requires hard work, discipline and commitment, but with a little guidance and understanding, you can see results in time for your summer vacation. So what are you waiting for…start your summer workout today.

Phil Warrington pens the best ways to lose weight in time for your summer holiday. If you’re looking at becoming a fitness instructor, he recommends Be A Better You a supplier of some of the most recognised fitness instructor courses around, giving you the skills and qualifications to succeed. 

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