Dental Veneers In Birmingham

Dental Veneers In Birmingham

It is a fact that very few of us have naturally beautiful teeth, and those gleaming smiles we see on the television, the big screen and in magazines are very unlikely to be natural. With the technology now being employed in dentistry there is no excuse for anybody not to have teeth they are proud of, and those who have teeth that are chipped or are stained from food and drink or medication, can now make use of this technology and have a smile to be proud of.

The easiest way of describing dental veneers is that they are the equivalent of false nails for your teeth. They are made of porcelain and fit over your existing teeth, giving them a gleam you will want to show off all the time and also give you a massive boost of confidence. Porcelain is used as it is the closest material to a natural tooth so you are left with a very natural look that will make a massive difference to your appearance.

Dental Veneers In Birmingham

Those who have been searching for dental veneers birmingham will no doubt have been provided with numerous results, but may not realise they have one of the best cosmetic dentistry centres is on their doorstep. Located on Station Road is Eternal Smiles, a dentistry centre that are leading proponents in cosmetic dentistry whose customer’s testimonies on their website say more about the exemplary services provided than any advertisement could.

Under the guiding hand of Dr Singh, a leading light in his field, the porcelain veneers provided by Eternal Smiles are of the best quality you can buy and they last for an average of 15 years before they need replacing. When you have veneers put in place by a true professional, it is like an instant makeover and in minutes knocks years off you. Don’t bother with your cosmetic dentistry Birmingham search, head directly to the Eternal Smiles website.

There are two ways of fitting dental veneers; directly and indirectly. The former is the cheaper method and this is where the veneer is mounted on your natural tooth using a bonding process. Indirect veneer fitting takes linger and you may need a few visits and is recommended for those who have the habit of grinding their teeth. Impressions are taken for these veneers and they are also used to replace crowns that have discoloured over time and are spoiling your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and nobody should have a mouth they are ashamed of nowadays. With many dental plans available to make it more affordable and with 0% finance available, whether you are looking for veneers or dental implants Birmingham, or any other kind of cosmetic dentistry for that matter, you need look no further than Eternal Smiles.

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