Fun Ways to Lose Weight

Fun Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, people are always experimenting with different methods. Diets like the Anaheim HCG Diet are popular and lead to successful weight loss. However, sometimes a diet by itself is not enough. Crucial to effective weight loss is exercise as well as adopting healthier ways of living. If you can make these things enjoyable, then it’s more likely your weight-loss efforts will see results.

Play Sports

Why would you spend your time running on a treadmill when you can spend time running around a field, a court or a rink? Why not lace up your basketball shoes, strap on a pair of cleats or wear your ice skates to get exercise? You’ll have more fun when you play a sport you love and you can hang out friends or family at the same time as you get exercise.

Go Into Nature

Don’t want to spend time exercising every day? Use weekends as time for venturing into nature and stretch your wings. Hike for a few hours every weekend or take your mountain bike into the woods to cycle. Swim in a lake or go waterskiing with friends. Whatever you do, make it about exercise and being active.

Dance It Off

Want to spend the weekend in the company of friends? Then hit the club Friday and Saturday evenings, and dance the night away. Dancing for an hour burns about 300 calories, and the average partygoer dances for hours. Just stay away from the snacks and the drinks, and you’ll get some great exercise in.

Fight for Weight Loss

Sign up for martial arts lessons — karate, judo, and kung fu for example — or try boxing or mixed martial arts. Not only is it cathartic to strap on gloves and swing away at an opponent, but it’s excellent exercise for your upper body, lower body and core. You’ll find few things get you in shape quite as well as martial arts.

Take Cooking Lessons

One great non-exercise activity to do with a few friends is to take cooking lessons. Look for classes that will help you learn “light” or low-fat cooking. Rather than signing up for a class with Paula Deen-esque chefs, find a course that teaches simple recipes using lighter ingredients. You can try to find gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan or seafood courses, all of which help you learn to make dishes without a high calorie count.

Do More Physical Activities

If you don’t want to hit the gym, make your everyday life a “gym” as much as you can. If you commute, curl your briefcase while standing on the train and add a few more items to make it heavier. If you drive, park your car at the far end of the parking lot and walk up the stairs to your office — even if it’s on the 10th floor! Walk around during your lunch break and stroll with a friend or coworker while you chat. Bounce on a yoga ball while at work or at home. Mow your lawn, trim your trees and clean up your own house every day. All of these activities count as exercise.

Replace Heavy Food With Light Options

Is the thought of life without pizza, burgers and steak unbearable? Why not find ways to make low-fat pizza, soy burgers and chicken steaks? If you can replace your favorite meals with “light” options lower in fat and calories, weight loss will be much easier for you.

About the Author: As a soon-to-be certified NFPT trainer and a fitness nut, Nick Harper has made healthy living his passion. He shares his knowledge frequently via his blog — especially when they help people lose weight and enjoy doing it.

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