Happy Woman’s Day 2013 to All the Ladies and to Little Angels in the World

Happy Woman’s Day 2013 to All the Ladies and to Little Angels in the World

A woman is one piece of interlocking chain which completes every home, and all the moments of happiness which otherwise be incomplete without her presence. Every heart and every feeling of women is able to complete the world. In any religion across the world women are considered to be the nurturers and when circumstances demand she is even protector and destroyer.

First thing which is often done to our mom and most other women in our life is the appreciation is almost unspoken. On the special occasion of women’s day I wish to express gratitude, that I am obliged and my appreciation to all the women in world.

International Womens Day

Being a woman is about being compassionate. A woman is able to swim deepest ocean and can climb the highest peak but when she sees a cockroach she will yell and howl like anything.

A woman is strength of perseverance and endurance. She symbolizes the spirit of love and compassion and yet she can have anger and power through which she can destroy the forces which harms her loved ones. Women are the inspiring powers and yet she is dormant when it comes to uplifting the people she loves. Behind the success of man there is woman because without staunch support of woman no man has ever succeeded.

  • Here is small little poem expressing my gratitude to women of world:

The smile of a woman makes a day seem bright

She is dumb, she is blonde and yet she is wise.

A woman is an inspiration and yet she hide in dark,

Just because you are robust and she is fragile

You hit her and exploit her and never a word of appreciation

Imagine a day without a woman in your life,

Trust me you will never find a pair of socks right

Woman is river of love, care and understanding,

She adds to the beauty of life

And yet there are people with antipathy

Who provoke for wrath of woman.

Life will stop without her to bear your child,

Realize she is not just another thing

After all she too is human being with life.

Stop the atrocities against her

Its time people understand

Life is beautiful just because of her.

International Womens' Day 2013

All the women in the world deserves pat on the back for being the fountain of love to children, for being pillar of strength, source of energy and for being the WOMAN. Women show love and patience even when they are low, be strong for people around us and yet needing for a support of someone who can be there. A woman plays many significant roles in her life and yet she keeps the essence and the femininity intact.

 Let us pledge to respect and honor the women, cherish them as essential part of our life and express our love to them. Add your comments about the women you love and express your appreciation and gratitude for her.

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