How to be Financially Rewarded for Good Health

How to be Financially Rewarded for Good Health

We all understand the importance of staying healthy if we want a good quality of life and want to live longer. However, many of us are not aware of the financial benefits as well. There are actually a lot of them. The main ones are listed below.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is affected by a number of factors. Age is a factor that cannot be changed but  health is also a big factor and you do have some influence on this. Although you cannot change your medical history or your genes, you can do things that will help you to stay in good health. You can give up smoking, stay a good weight, eat well and exercise regularly. These will all help you to not only have a lower premium but to stay healthy as well.

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Life Insurance

The cost of life insurance rates can be based partially on health. If you are unwell you will be more likely to die during the term of the insurance and therefore are a higher risk. This means that by being healthy you should be able to keep the costs of the premiums down.

Medical Costs

Even if you have insurance, you will have some medical costs. The more unwell you are, the higher these costs will be. By staying in good health, you will save money on paying for medical costs. You will also save money on transport to the GP or hospital, which can add up a lot.

Less Spending

If you are not in good health, then you may find that you generally spend more money and therefore are less well off. You may buy things to keep you happy because you are not well. You may have to buy mobility aids. You may have to pay out on special clothing if you are overweight or have certain disabilities. By keeping in good health you should not have to spend out money in this sort of way.

If you are unwell and miss work, then you may not be entitled to sick pay. This could mean that not only will you have extra to pay out, as explained above but you will have less money to cover those costs. Being in poor health can be difficult enough without financial stress as well and so it is best to do everything that you can to remain healthy in the first place.

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