Importance of Protein

Importance of Protein

A journey of women’s life from childhood to adolescence and from motherliness to menopause has to be taken special care at each phase of her life for her health and for healthy children. Protein is most essential for women’s body. Protein is important to build as well as repair our muscles. Protein is integral element and important for healthy growth and maintenance of our hair and skin. Protein is very imminent to fight against disease and its form of protein which brings oxygen in our blood. Proteins are vital and include the fundamental amino acid which is very important for proper growth of our body. We can get protein only through the food we get like beans, peas and lentils and also from nuts, seeds, peanut butter, soymilk and tofu. Animal food like fish, meat, eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese are good supplement of protein.

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Consumption of the protein in our body depends upon our physical activity like walking, running and our various activities. Quantity of protein reduce through nails, skin and hair loss. Our daily need of protein depended on our age and size of our body. Throughout pregnancy and lactation protein intake is critical otherwise baby’s growth can be unnatural or affected. For better development of baby’s brain nursing mother must always intake protein supplements with fish oil. Protein helps pregnant women to maintain maternal tissue and provide milk after child’s birth. The normal women should consume 4 to 5gm of protein per pound of body mass. As human body can’t accumulate protein so we must take supplement   from routine food we eat. Vegetarians not eat animal products so they are in more risk of protein deficiency. They may suffer with shrinkage or wasting of muscle or edema, anemia and also slow growth in children. Protein is most essential for operated person for fast recovery. Protein rich food is most Importance of proteins for women essential to revitalize the body from loss of protein and also recovery of any type of damage.

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  1. The results of a 2009 International survey suggest the standard definition of vegetarianism is different in different nations. Vegetarians in some nations consume more animal products than those in others.

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