Is Juice Fasting Safe?

Is Juice Fasting Safe?

Juice fasting is a common trend in weight loss, and many assume that because fruits and vegetables are a part of most juice recipes that it must be good for you. However, if not done correctly juice fasting can often be harmful to your overall health – during a juice fast, juices are the only thing you consume. Because you won’t be taking in as many calories each day as you typically would, it’s easy to run yourself ragged on a juice cleanse and end up lightheaded or not feeling your best.

If you want to consider a juice fast, here are some ways to ensure that you stay healthy throughout. Keep in mind that a juice cleanse should be done to detoxify, not starve yourself in an effort to lose significant weight within a few days. According to the American Jewish University, juice fasting hasn’t been extensively studied, but is generally understood to be healthy if done with care.

How Much Juice Should You Drink?

While the amount of juice you need to drink during a cleanse will vary depending on your body type and level of activity, you should drink at least two liters of juice per day while on a juice fast. If you will be fairly active, such as when you don’t have a desk job, you may need to drink upwards of three liters per day. Use your best judgment – if you are feeling dehydrated or lightheaded throughout the day, increase the amount of juice you drink and try adding some different vegetables and fruits to get a better variety of nutrients.

How Much Activity Can I Do?

A juice fast might make you feel fatigued at times, or you may feel great. I depends largely on how much you work out, remain on your feet at work, how busy your lifestyle is. If you are drinking less than four liters of juice per day, it’s a good idea to curb your physical activity to some extent. If you find that you are too tired to get through the day, make an effort to carve out more time for relaxation and a chance to recharge.

Should I Consult a Doctor?

If you have current or past health problems or a history of being low on a particular mineral in your body, ask your doctor if a juice fast is right for you. She may deter you from doing it, or simply suggest a supplement that you can take in addition to the fast.

Juice fasting can be an effective way to clear your body of toxins and get you into a state of health. Fasting can take place for a day, or several days. A juice cleanse can make it somewhat difficult to carry on with your life, but not impossible. You can still go to work and conduct your normal schedule, but try to stay away from restaurants where you’ll just be miserable or work out extensively which could cause you to become weak or even ill.

Kim Connor runs fast and writes about juice fasts. She spends time with her hubby and two children outside, engaging in water sports and mountain climbing.

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