Pains in Pregnancy : Pains and Know Their Causes

Pains in Pregnancy : Pains and Know Their Causes

A women’s body undergoes lots of types of changes during pregnancy. Some of the changes which happen due to pregnancy lead to physical and mental discomforts. The pregnancy discomforts normally begin in first trimester that is early weeks, and as pregnancy days go by, these discomforts can disappear or more appear which differs in all pregnant women.

This is because your body keeps on changing causing discomfort. Some of the discomforts which appear early also go away after some period of time. And there are some pregnancy pains which occur when you are closing to date of your delivery, such as the swelling of legs and backache. These discomforts don’t mean there is something wrong in pregnancy, rather its part and symptoms of the pregnancy.  And remember every woman’s pregnancy is unique what one women experience it’s not necessary that other women experience the same. Contact your gynecologist about your pains.

Pregnancy Breast Changes

Pregnancy Breast Changes

One of the first changes that can be seen in women other than enlarging abdomen is the breast changes in size and color. Breast size increases because enlargement of the milk glands. This increases the breast tenderness and it hurts when something brushes with your breast. Blue veins can also be seen because there is increase in the blood supply. Nipples can get darker and brown area increases. During the third semester thick fluid may leak which is called colostrum. All these changes are normal and happens for making you ready for breast feeding.


The bra that you should wear should be able to give firm support.

Cotton bra or natural fiber bra are better options then lacy ones.

Cotton bra for pregnent women

As your breast increase, increase your bra size. Bra should fit you well and such that its not irritating you and affecting your nipples. Maternity bra is the best to wear and after prefer wearing nursing bra. As these bra gives better support.

Also you should wear bra even in night and day. You need to maintain and ease the discomfort.

Choose cotton bras or those made from other natural fibers.

Tuck in the breast pads available when on nursing or when there is leaking of the colostrum, these are easily available in pharmacy. Change pads regularly. This prevents irritation as well.

Clean your breast only with warm water as soaps tend to make the skin dry causing you rashes, irritation. Avoid dryness.

Pregnancy Fatigue

Pregnancy Fatigue

As the baby grows inside you, you will need more energy as the energy requirement is of two baby and you, and thus you may feel tired and drained out. Growing babies need extra energy and tiredness can also be sign of less iron in you that is it may be because of anemia which is another common ailment in the pregnancy.


Take food which has carbohydrates also as they are the source of energy in our food

Rest: taking plenty of rest is very important, going bed early in night and even take naps during the day time.

Maintain the schedule of your activity, pace your activity and balance them with rest and if feeling tired and fatigue take rest never ever over do.

Exercise basic pregnancy exercise help in maintaining the health and in increasing the energy level.

If anemia is the concern then consult doctor, have iron medications as prescribed by doctor.

Pregnancy Nausea and Vomiting

Pregnancy Nausea and Vomiting

This is one of the worst of all pain, disrupts, discomforts and is rather the most common symptom of the pregnancy. Some pregnant women are lucky to escape it all together, or just experience first semester and some unlucky have to experience this for all the three semester till the baby is delivered. Upset stomach, acidity etc. are common and you will nauseated and even end up vomiting many times in day. This is normal, though there is nothing normal about it to the lady who undergoes it. This is because of the hormonal changes that you are body is undergoing because of pregnancy, happens in early pregnancy as there is increased production of hormones.  It happens any time of the day but most commonly the vomiting and all happens in morning that is known as morning sickness. This happens because stomach is empty or if the pregnant woman is not eating well.


One of the most important thing to do in nausea is to eat right like if there is experience of morning sickness then eat more of dry food like toast, cereals, crackers, in your bed even before getting out of bed, fill in your stomach. Also in night if you eat high protein rich content such as meat, soya beans etc.  it takes longer to digest.

Eat right also means eating regularly in every two to three hours. The meal should be small and not large and eat slowly and chew food properly.

Sipping on fluids, have more water and juices then tea or coffee though. But avoid fluids in large amounts. Have cool juice of grapes, sweet lime, orange and strawberries.

Avoid food which is spicy or fried and greasy foods.

Also some women get nausea because of the smell and in that case have food at room temperature as when food is hot it smells and also try to avoid odors that makes you feel nausea and keep coffee beans handy as they can nullify the smells which you don’t like.

There are medications also available to help you control nausea and if the condition is getting worse and you are unable to keep anything inside you even fluids you vomit out, then immediately go to the doctor, as you can even get dehydrated.

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