Recognize the Signs of Suicide

Recognize the Signs of Suicide

Recently in news we have come across many celebrities committing suicide. Not just the celebrities but many common people like you and me who have no stardom yet there have been news about such people who are committing suicide. It is time we really give a though and have knowledge about the signs of suicide.

Recognize the signs of suicide are best way through which you minimize risk of suicide and risk factors. Men are more prone to take their lives as compared to women.

The risks factors for the suicide varies as per the age, ethnic group, gender etc. most of the people who die of suicide are diagnosed with clinical depression or any other mental disorder. Many times they have substance abuse problem. Mostly such problems are in combinations.

Adverse or traumatic events in life in combination of risk factors like clinical depression can lead to suicide.

Remember the suicidal behavior or suicide is not normal behavior.

Risk factors for suicide are:

Prior suicide attempt

Family history of suicide, substance abuse, mental disorder

Family violence

Abuse: physical, sexual and mental

Keeping of firearms at home

Chronic illness which have chronic pain

Exposure to suicidal behavior


The warning signs of the suicide are:

Warning Signs of Suicide

Do You Know the Warning Signs of Suicide?

Person talking about death and thinking about it

Clinical depression that is person is experiencing deep sadness, trouble in eating, sleeping, and loss of interest.

Having death wish that is person will start taking risks which can result in death like driving fast etc.

Lose of interest especially in things which he or she liked

Person feeling that he or she is hopeless, worthless and helpless

Person who is trying to put affairs in order like tying loose ends

If person says it would be better for you people if am not there or I wasn’t there

Sudden change in nature of person from being sad to being calm or appearing to be happy

These can help you recognize signs of suicide which will help you save your loved one from committing suicide which is such a big crime on humanity and is kind of burden on people who love that person.

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