Recommendations for Detoxifying Diet

Recommendations for Detoxifying Diet

Our lifestyle is so busy and we hardly get so much time to eat proper food forget right food on right time. Our eating habits these days comprises of no timetable of eating food, eating whatever is available and whatever time. These are bound to affect our body with toxins on rise in body.

The concept of detoxifying diets is that to normalize bacterial and yeast imbalances by adding the intake of alkalizing foods. The Foods which are recommended in the detoxifying diets are fruits, nuts, sprouted grain bread, honey.

Following are the steps with which you can start to incorporate your detoxifying diet:

STEP 1.Starve Yeast-Step one lowers amount of sugars and starches in diet and avoiding food which are very hard to digest, no food combining and reducing snacking.

STEP 2.Make a Plan-You need to make an action plan in order to stick to the program. You must take accounts of your things such as food preparation, shopping, ensuring that you have right foods at work etc.

STEP 3.Do it-Step three involves making a daily routine which will simple and easy to follow as your lifestyle.

There are options such as intensive program where you need to strictly follow the diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables only and the second one is much more flexible. Advice to the dieters is to increase the intake of natural raw foods which includes fruits, Fresh juices and raw vegetables such foods in order to cleanse our body intelligently. However it is also advisable to incorporate cooked foods, animal products. Some foods in the plan like fish, cheese,   and goat may fail to be pure foods, but it is okay or one can say necessary as in today’s world. Such foods prevent rapid cleansing that may one of the causes of uneasy uncomfortable detoxification symptoms. Cooked food in diets slows down cleanse to a perfect degree which allows maximum amounts of waste elimination without the reabsorbing of the toxins


Fresh juices, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables with low starch levels,stevia,berries,grapefruit,apples,avocado,sea vegetables, Dijon mustard, raw soy, herb tea


Breakfast-Start with herbal tea

Vegetable juice

Morning snack-Berries

Lunch-avocado and vegetable salad

Afternoon snack-Vegetables with salsa sauce

Evening snack-Dark chocolate 2 Oz


Dieters are recommended to exercise in the morning upon awakening. Dance and yoga is recommended.

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