Too Busy to Go to the Gym? Use an Online Trainer Instead

Too Busy to Go to the Gym? Use an Online Trainer Instead

Despite the national obesity epidemic, many people don’t feel they have the time to fit exercise into their daily schedules. Long commutes, longer work hours and various commitments can also interfere with finding time to get fit. This is where technology comes into play. From social media interactions to how-to videos, health education blogs to computerized workout plans, new online options now allow busy individuals and families to access tools that help them set and achieve personal fitness-and-health goals.
Social Media Accountability

One of the most powerful ways technology aids busy Americans is with the concept of social media accountability. Many online fitness tools are automatically linked to social media engines like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Some tools can even be programmed to notify friends if a workout is missed. For people who are motivated by positive peer pressure, built-in social media accountability can be a powerful method of encouraging compliance with workout goals. Social media can also lead you to healthy recipes, tips from fellow fitness enthusiasts and inspiring posts to keep you motivated. Finally, through social media you can connect with fitness professionals to get your questions answered and address any fitness concerns you may have.

Curated Workout Lists Online

Many well-known fitness trainers, athletes and professionals are now posting workout lists online for others’ use. From upper body exercises to strength-training tips, suggested stretching routines to cardio options, simply opening your browser can offer direct access to workouts of the stars. You can also find recommendations for incorporating different workouts into your week, and learn dietary and warm-up/cool-down routines to ensure your muscles and joints stay healthy and limber.

Training Education

Learning more about the three basic types of fitness (strength training, endurance/cardio training, stretching) will ensure you can continue working toward your goals without sustaining injuries. Your body needs all three types of workouts to grow strong in a safe and balanced way. Learning through online workout tools can help you plan your workout week so you don’t unknowingly push your body past its limits. You can also watch online videos demonstrating how to perform different types of exercises so you can confirm you are doing them properly. Finally, you can use online tools to learn about fun new workout options to spice up your daily fitness routines.

Fitness Calculators

Fitness calculators are abundant online. Some will calculate your daily caloric intake versus your needs, while others will tell you how many calories different types of exercise burn. Still, others can monitor your blood pressure and heart rate or help you benchmark your progress by charting each day’s workouts against your overall fitness goals. The most advanced of these calculation tools are able to link with tablets and smartphones to help you chart your progress in near real-time. This allows you to take your workouts with you wherever you go.

Neurocortical-Computing Tools

Neurocortical-computing tools represent the latest advance in technology to improve health and fitness. Today’s digital-imaging techniques interface with computer software to simulate the human brain. A handful of online health-and-fitness communities are now beginning to experiment with the use of neurocortical-computing tools to help users personalize their workouts by inputting their personal data. By using the user’s provided data, these tools create a customized fitness-and-health plan that conforms to the user’s goals in a safe, measured way. This is more cost-effective than hiring a personal trainer and often more tailored to the user’s goals as well. If you have health concerns or have sustained an injury, these advanced tools can also factor those changes into a user’s overall health-and-fitness plan.

By using various online health-and-fitness tools, you can be well on your way to a better life with the click of a mouse.

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