5 Steps for Becoming an Acupuncturist

5 Steps for Becoming an Acupuncturist

Once considered a “fringe” practice, acupuncture has evolved into one of the most recognized and requested forms of alternative medicine. You’ll enjoy a tremendous demand for your services if you choose to become an acupuncturist for a living.

You still need training; however, that requires commitment as well as time and planning. If you’re interested in joining the acupuncture movement but don’t know where to start, here are five tips for making the dream come alive.

1: Find A Real School

there are a number of “training workshops” in the holistic living industry that are really nothing more than self-appointed experts preaching to the choir. For a legitimate education in acupuncture, you’ll need to enroll at somewhere like the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM). They’ll provide actual classes and lectures in things like anatomy, physiology and health science.

2: Get Certified

once you’ve completed the necessary courses, it’s time to take your exams with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). You’ll be given official accreditation afterwards, and that little piece of paper will open all kinds of doors for post-graduation employment in salons and medical clinics.

3: Cross-Train In Other Services

Most clients will expect more from you than just needles. They’ll want to know about chakras and pressure points; they’ll ask about the benefits of aromatherapy, infrared saunas and mud masks. It might be worth the effort to develop several related skills while you pursue your interest in acupuncture.

4: Know Local Laws

Despite its widespread acceptance, there are still about a dozen states where acupuncture is technically illegal. The laws are outdated, and it’s extremely unlikely that you’d face more than a fine if you were caught, but it’s still something to consider before buying a big spa in an unfriendly state.

5: Network, Network, Network

It’s important in any industry, of course, but it’s absolutely critical in acupuncture. Regular doctors won’t recommend a lower quadrant acupuncture treatment the same way they do a pill, so the majority of your business will come from walk-ins, referrals and good-of-worth instead of any kind of official recognition these are just five steps for becoming an acupuncturist if you aren’t afraid of needles and hard work. Feel free to follow them out of order or even ignore them entirely to carve out your own path towards a brighter future. That’s the whole point of alternative medicine, after all!

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