About The Best Sources of Stem Cells

About The Best Sources of Stem Cells

There are stem cells’ sources which are far superior to even umbilical cord, cord blood, bone marrow, dental pulp, menstrual blood, and adipose tissue. And they are: placenta, amniotic sac and amniotic fluid. These are named as the richest sources of stem cells inquality and quantity. They are pluripotent, which gives them the properties of hematopeietic and mesenchymal stem cells, and so are capable of giving rise to any tissue, organ or cell.

The stem cells obtained from these sources have the highest count and multiply almost 10 times faster than stem cells from other sources. As a result, they can treat maximum number of disorders – far more than all other sources put together.

The best advantage of the stem cells drawn from placenta, amniotic sac and amniotic fluidsources is that they are safe and also ethical, unlike embryonic stem cells. They have least chances of getting rejected when it is used in therapy. Another advantage of these types of stem cells is that they can be easily derived as they have to be collected at the time of childbirth.

The placental, amniotic sac and amniotic fluid stem cells collected during the birth of a particular child can be used to treat the child’s siblings, parents or even grandparents.

There is much more to stem cell therapy besides treating several difficult and incurable ailments. One of the miraculous stem cell treatments is anti-ageing.

The author is an experienced researcher at ReeLabs and an expert in stem cell therapy and stem cell banking.

Best Sources of Stem Cells

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