Ebola Virus outbreak: 2014 Epidemic

Ebola Virus outbreak: 2014 Epidemic

Epidemic of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is ongoing in the West Africa. The outbreak has been caused by the Ebola viruses which simply called as Ebola virus. This outbreak is most severe outbreak of the Ebola because of number of human cases, fatalities and its spread across globe. The first record of this Ebola began in 1976.

In 2014 outbreak began in Guinea in December 2013 but was not detected until in March 2014, which has resulted in large spreading of the virus in the Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia.

The World Health Organization has declared it to be an epidemic.

Ebola Virus Pictures

WHO reports states:

Suspected cases: 1848

Deaths: 1013

Laboratory confirmed death: 660

Thus WHO declared it as outbreak of Ebola as public health emergency of international concern. Similar designated outbreak was the 2009 H1N1 Swine flu pandemic. This invokes legal measures that governments of the various countries will have to take for the disease prevention, control, surveillance and response by the 194 signatory countries.

Here are list of countries which have active local transmission of Ebola virus:




Sierra Leone

Countries with suspected or non-transmissive cases:


Saudi Arabia



United States

Other countries that need to be alert because of people travelling back from the affected regions and are on high alert are:

Economic Community of West African States

European Union






Know more about the Ebola Virus:

Ebola virus has no vaccine and no procedural treatment available. Experimental drugs are being used for treatment. Early treatment is said to being effective and helping many affected people to get better. The Ebola virus disease is highly contagious, such that many people can get infected. Prognosis of disease has been such that ninety percent people affected will die due to disease.

The disease which is spread by sick people affected by it, and people who are in direct contact with them are at high risk of contracting disease such as family member and health care workers. Even the dead body of infected person can cause disease. Ebola spreads through fluids and is not air borne disease so, don’t touch infected person or their body fluids which includes vomit, blood, feces, urine.

Symptoms of Ebola Virus:








And at last bleeding which causes death

Wash your hands regularly can help in prevention.

In case you have infection then:

Call medical center tell them about your illness. You may be quarantined in special hospital to prevent spread. Keep away from others to prevent spread of disease. Be careful with your vomit and diarrhea.

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