Just the Facts about the Breast Cancer Society

Just the Facts about the Breast Cancer Society

The Breast Cancer Society, based in Mesa, Arizona is a charity that operates with a different philosophy or directive than most other breast cancer related charities and organizations. Rather than focusing all efforts towards finding a future cure, the bulk of the energy of the Breast Cancer Society is directed at helping women who suffer from breast cancer and are going through treatment today.

There is no Breast Cancer Society scam other than one perpetuated by people attempting to discredit the good works of a legitimate organization. How can you, as a potential donor, recognize that the Breast Cancer Society is in fact a legitimate organization?

IRS Determinations

The IRS requires all nonprofit organizations to not only meet certain requirements in order to maintain their tax-exempt status, but also to fulfill its’ (the Internal Revenue Service’s) requirements to function as a non-profit tax-exempt organization. The Breast Cancer Society posts their IRS form 990 on their website in an attempt to provide full transparency among the donors and breast cancer patients that have placed their trust in this worthy organization.

The Breast Cancer Society takes great pride in the role it takes in helping women who have breast cancer today. One way they show the world how proud they are is by showing themselves to be good stewards of the money and donations entrusted to them.

Where is the Money Spent?

Only two percent of the funds generated by and donated to the Breast Cancer Society are used to cover administrative and logistical expenses. The remaining 98 percent of the funds go directly to the women this exceptional organization serves.

According to CharityWatch.org, a 60 percent program efficiency (meaning that 40 percent of funds are spent on administration and logistics) deserves a “C” or satisfactory rating. The site goes on to offer that 75 percent or better indicates a highly efficient charity. It goes without saying, that 98 percent is almost unheard of.

So how is the money collected by and donated to the Breast Cancer Society used? How are these funds being used to help the women who have breast cancer today?

  • In-home care providers (non-medical) – women often need a little help with day-to-day activities in the aftermath of surgical procedures. This includes things like dressing, driving women to appointments, picking up prescriptions, meal preparation, and light cleaning. Sometimes, it’s simply about a friendly ear.
  • Hope Supply Program – Simple things often matter most to women who are going through the physical, emotional, and financial hardship that is breast cancer. The Hope Supply program offers basic toiletries to women and their families as well as items such as wigs and prosthetic devices, and special undergarments for women who have undergone surgery.
  • Temporary Cash Assistance – The world doesn’t stop for women who have breast cancer. The bills keep rolling in even when they are unable to work. Children still have needs and they still have financial commitments. Temporary cash assistance won’t dig them out of deep financial holes, but it can help them cover the rent and put food on the table during their moments of crisis.
  • International Medical Aid – Sadly, women in developing and impoverished nations often receive little hope as there is little access to education, early detection, or life-saving medical treatments for women who have breast cancer. Your generous donations help us send hope to women in nations that are the most vulnerable.
  • Hope Scholarship Fund – This fund provides scholarships for surviving children of breast cancer patients.
  • Empower One Scholarship Fund – A scholarship program designed to empower breast cancer survivors by providing for their educational needs so that they can improve their financial situations and become self-reliant once again.

These are just a few examples of how the donations you selflessly provide the Breast Cancer Society are placed into action in order to help women and families stricken by this dreadful disease.

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