Pre-Existing Condition and the Health Reform

Pre-Existing Condition and the Health Reform

Today many people have chronic health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer and this used to be problem when shopping for the health insurance. But with health care reform all things are changing.

Many health insurance companies are now offering no additional charges in case you have medical conditions. Even health insurance companies now will be giving medical insurance and not turn you down if you have medical condition. Health insurance companies will not make you to wait before you get continuing treatment and they will not be able to drop coverage.

The pre existing conditions are the health problems which you have at the time of applying for the health insurance such as

Life threatening cancer

Chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, depression

Short term injuries like pregnancy, back injuries etc.

Even children who are younger than 19 years will be able to get health coverage even when they have the pre existing condition.

The health plans will now no longer use pre existing conditions as one of the reason to charge you more premiums each month. Health plans now will be allowed to adjust premium base on

Plan is based on individual or family floater plan

Area of your residence


Substance abuse if you do

Pre-existing conditions otherwise used to make medical insurance premium costly and in case the person is admitted in hospital certain form of reimbursement were not given. With new laws and changes in the insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions people will get relief from paying excessive premiums. The medical insurance must be affordable to all and with such changes and laws it can benefit common people especially people who have pre-existing conditions and need medical insurance to meet the expenses. Health insurance companies who have accepted the changes in law and now will be implementing this.

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