Premier Health Chiropractor Services Now Available

Premier Health Chiropractor Services Now Available

For many Americans, living with back pain is an everyday struggle. Not only do you have treatment options, but the options available through modern medical science are able to eliminate a great deal of back pain issues for a large majority of sufferers. If you’ve been experiencing chronic back pain that lasts for more than a few days and especially in situations where the pain is long term and continuous, you’re obviously looking for options that can help alleviate the pain. This is where Premier Health Chiropractor services can help. And in a lot of cases, it doesn’t just help; it can actually stop the pain and prevent it from returning with severity.

Premier Health Chiropractor services offer a multifaceted approach to back pain, and in this article we’re going to outline the services available and explain how they can help.

Massage Therapy – Using techniques handed down from many generations of therapeutic practice; massage therapy makes the perfect addition to your back health regimen. Not only does it feel incredibly good, but the stress relief of the massage therapy helps to relieve inflammation and chronic muscle soreness. Health practitioners have been using intense massage in conjunction with additional methods of therapy for years.

Electrical Stimulation – Relatively new, electrical stimulation allows for electrical impulses to be directed to the exact site of back pain, providing a precisely targeted form of chronic pain therapy that’s getting great results with patients. Here’s how it works: Electrodes are placed on specific muscle areas that need attention. Through the continuous contraction of the muscle fibers, the muscles are thusly strengthened, improving blood flow to the area and improving the health of the muscle mass.

Ultrasound Therapy – Ultrasound is a form of high-frequency sound that is able to generate deep heat. When this deep heating action is directed at chronically painful areas of the body, such as in cases of chronic back pain, the results can be astounding. This form of back therapy works without causing irritation or discomfort, and has a variety of different health benefits. Reduction of scar tissue, reduction of inflammation, and relief from swelling are just a few of these.

Dr. Sean Clark – Chiropractor and Health Care Professional

So, now that you can see a few of the therapies available from Premier Health Chiropractor Services, it probably makes you wonder what kind of professionals are working there. Sure, back pain technologies have come a long way in recent years, but technology is nothing without skilled professionals managing the treatment. Dr. Sean Clark, who runs the Premiere Health Chiropractor Clinic, has extensive experience in not only managing other people’s back pain, but his own as well. After a tragic fall from a bicycle at 11 years old, Dr. Sean Clark has been experiencing back pain issues for the majority of his adult life. Because of this, he’s made it his life’s work to find ways to alleviate chronic pain in not only his patients, but himself as well.

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  1. Chiropractic care is indeed essential for those who working very hard – day-in and day-out. Getting the right information out there is the right thing to do. Thanks for sharing.

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