Replacing a Hot Tub Circuit Board

Replacing a Hot Tub Circuit Board

It can be quite disheartening if you come back home day and find out that you hot tub or spa isn’t functioning properly. In fact, the situation can be very disappointing. All you wanted was to come back home and soak in the freshness of a warm water hot tub or spa, and here you are, sitting in one that has all of a sudden stopped working.

Alas! You check the connections but nothing happens. That means that there is something wrong with the hot tub circuit board. These circuit boards are extremely important parts of hot tubs. It is regarded as the brain or the nervous system of your spa or hot tub. This is because it is the function of the circuit board to control units like the pump.

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Replacing a hot tub circuit board is no doubt a tough task, but it is also an unavoidable fact that over the time, your hot tub or spa circuit board will face wear out or depreciate. This could happen because of too much use of the spa, overheating etc.

While the shelf life of your circuit board is around 8-9 years, replacing the hot tub circuit board can be an ordeal because it is generally required that in case of a breakdown, it is required that the entire controller be replaced and not just the circuit board. The control pack components of your spa or hot tub comprise the heating element, pump, blower, and the controller or circuit board.

The proper functioning of all these components is necessary in case you want your spa or hot tub to function properly and without any trouble. Therefore, as soon as your spa or hot tub circuit board shows signs of damage, it is important that you start searching for a replacement hot tub circuit board or an entire new control pack.


The serial number that is mentioned on the circuit board of your hot tub or spa is one of the best and the most trustable ways of looking for the replacement. The serial number of the circuit board contains the product number. A more specific way of identifying the product number is the fact that the first seven numbers of the serial number of the circuit board is the product number itself.

Once you have identified the serial number on the circuit board, and the product number as well, there won’t be any trouble searching for a replacement hot tub circuit board for your spa.

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