The Health informatics Review

The Health informatics Review

Health informatics is a new and evolving specialization in the growing health care industry. It combines information technology and communications with traditional health care to improve patient care.

Become a Leader in Pharmaceutical Informatics

What is Health Informatics?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health informatics is not the same as health IT, but the fields are related. Health informatics is the science behind health IT. It involves the collection, storage, analysis and retrieval of data in digital formats, and it applies informatics theories and practices to improve health outcomes.

This emerging career field has grown tremendously in recent years due to the adoption of electronic health record systems. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services promote these data systems through incentive programs, and health care providers eagerly embrace them. The demand for health informatics specialists will expand as health care facilities implement new systems and upgrade their databases.

Careers in Health Informatics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22 percent job growth for health informatics through 2022. Health informatics specialists hold various job titles, and the field itself is known by different names.

Health informatics specialists work for public and private hospitals, clinics, research institutions, insurance companies and consulting firms. They apply their knowledge and skills to clinical care, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, public health, medical research and even alternative medicine. Computers, communications systems, medical terminologies and clinical guidelines are the tools of their trade.

Degrees in Health Informatics

United States colleges and universities offer several degree programs for health informatics specialists. Undergraduates typically study health information technology. Most specialists have a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree with a health informatics concentration. Graduate certificates are available for health informatics and data analysis.

The University of Illinois at Chicago is an example of a university that offers health informatics degrees. One of the programs prepares students to become leaders in pharmacy informatics. Students can learn more at UIC online.

Other American colleges and universities also offer health informatics degree programs. Whether they choose a traditional or online program, informatics specialists can easily learn the skills they need to start or advance their careers in this evolving career field. In addition, many professional health care organizations offer certificates to help informatics specialists stand out as they search for employment and build their careers.

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