The importance of protein and where to find it

The importance of protein and where to find it

Everybody agrees that eating the right amount of protein is vital for long term good health, however there are different ideas as to how much we should be eating and from what sources. Basically our cells, tissues and organs all contain proteins and they are constantly broken down and need to be replaced. When we eat protein our body digests it into amino acids, which are then used to replace the protein in our body.

Protein is found in meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dried beans and peas, tofu, seeds and nuts, grains, some vegetables and fruits and milk. So it is very rarely that anybody in Western Society suffers from lack of protein.

Amino acids: The building blocks to a healthy body

Amino acids are the building blocks for protein and there are 20 amino acids that combine to make various types of protein. Some of these amino acids though cannot be made by our bodies, so we need to find them in our food. These are known as essential amino acids.

We call a protein a complete protein or a high quality protein if it contains all of the essential amino acids. Meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, and cheese are considered complete protein sources. An incomplete protein source is lacking in one or more essential amino acids.

However, if you combine two or more of the right incomplete protein sources they can contain enough of the right essential amino acids for a healthy protein intake. These are known as complementary proteins. It is well known by vegetarians that brown rice combined with beans will provide adequate amounts of essential amino acids for the body.

Many athletes and body builders need to consume more protein than the average person as they want to maintain the muscle in their body. Eating a healthy diet which is high in natural proteins can sometimes be a challenge as there is only so much red meat you can tolerate. Having the right balance of protein and fat is always an issue, as although meat is full of protein, it also contains fat.

Natural protein without the fats

Eggs are a great source of a natural complete protein and being very versatile they are a staple part of any bodybuilder or athletes’ diet. However, if you’re not keen to cook with eggs and would just like a fast and easy way to consume them then liquid egg whites are perfect. They are a convenient way to consume protein and a convenient way to buy enough eggs. They are available in many online shops such as

They contain a lot of protein and virtually no fat or carbs so they are a favourite of anybody wanting to build muscle like body builders, endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They’re easy to pour and you can just add them to your smoothies and shakes for that extra protein without having to cook. You can also cook with them so making an omelette has never been easier. Another benefit is that they are odourless and virtually tasteless so they are very easy to drink.

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  1. I really like how you have highlighted the basics of proteins. With so many healthy sources of protein available for our consumption, I do believe it is essential to be aware about what proteins are and why they are important.

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